Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sandstone Peak via Mishe Mokwa Trail

Echo Cliffs Panorama by Bacon And Tofu
Echo Cliffs Panorama, a photo by Bacon And Tofu on Flickr.
Quite an adventure on the trail that day.

Aside from the unrelenting heat, I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake, we found some mary jane along the trail, and we ran into some "male models" at the peak (doing a promo for their clothing company).

Pictured above is Echo Cliffs (and balance rock). We also got a look at another local landmark, Split Rock.

Total length: 6.5 miles.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Empty Gaze

Empty Gaze by Bacon And Tofu
Empty Gaze, a photo by Bacon And Tofu on Flickr.

She must be burnt out from all that time with the Nook.


We've made the move over to Blogger to avoid the hassles of dealing with our own web hosting.

I'm not sure it will make us post any more frequently but, hey, you never know!